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To the left is Wally at the time where he was being sent to the horse slaughter auction.

To the right is Wally after we were able to rescue, rehabilitate, & most importantly - love him.

What is Pumpkin Ridge Animal Sanctuary?

From horses to pigs, goats to cats, many animals have found a home at our farm. While Equestrian Ridge Farm started as one women's love for horses and equestrian activities, it quickly became more. It became a home and a place of recovery for those who were surrendered, facing certain death, or mistreated.


However, the cost to tend to these special needs is extremely high. Due to this, Equestrian Ridge Farm split in 2 and created Pumpkin Ridge Animal Sanctuary. This is the rehabilitative and sanctuary portion of the farm where we rescue and home many animals.


All donations and all funds from farm tours go directly to the care, feed, and well-being of the animals. 

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For animal support at Pumpkin Ridge Animal Sanctuary
Donations go directly to the feed & care of the animals. Feed alone is $1,500 a week as of May 2024. 


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